full of emotions. MIXED EMOTIONS.

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I was so drunk last night but thanks to Pao who took care of me.

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Anong magagawa ng pagmamahal mo sa kanya kung naaalala ka lang niya kapag hindi sila nag-uusap?

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TumblrPh with Juankulot and Boseslalake is bringing you Hunger Games: Mocking Jay, a movie meet up.

Where: SM Mall of Asia Cinema
When: Nov 22,2014 2:00 PM
Cost: Php 230 

Kindly TA Beben or Juankulot.
SMS Maica: +63 917 508 8706 or Cha: +63 926 279 7722

Please buy your tickets now as we only have a limited number of slots. And yeah, we are giving away some Tumblr and Hunger Games goodies.

May the odds be on your favor!

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  • Mhog: I love you, Kwan.
  • Kwan: --- cries
  • Mhog: ... You can stop trying, Kwan.
  • Kwan: -- I'm sorry -- cries
5 days ago on 10/16/14 at 02:14am

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i wanna share something but i am so sleepy right now. too lazy to stay up late coz’ training made me tired like death.

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"I don’t know how many times I’ve said sorry to you, and every time after that, I always ended up hurting you. But I promise this is the last time I’m saying sorry. I’m sorry for everything in the past. Please forgive me one more time. And I will never hurt you again. If after you read this, you will still not forgive me, I understand. But at least, I want you to know that I really care for you." - Phu

"I’m never once mad at you." - Thee


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Mas pipiliin ko pang magkasakit kesa bumalik ng intramuros bukas, hindi ko pa kaya yung lungkot na nararamdaman ko.

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