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Pagbigyan minsan lang. HAHAHAHA #ger #gpoy

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Caption this please. #ehvinideo

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A Swiss couple agreed to babysit for their friend, who gave them some rather excessive instructions on how to care for the 6-month-old. In return, they Photoshopped a series of “worst-case scenarios” in order to send hourly photo-updates on how the baby was doing.


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Ano ba kasi sanhi ng ngiti mo?

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A Love Story. Unequaled.

I agree to Miss Linda Thomason who directed this documentary film. This is a story about two young gay couple, how they live the life they wanted, they pictured, they expected, they wished, they promised together. Having the fun while living with each other, expressing the love every second of their life, meeting friends, families, other people who accepted them with all of their hearts. But at some point, there is just one problem that a relationship will encounter, and in this love story, it is not about the death of his partner, but the way his partner’s family treated him and how he felt during the dark times.

This story has changed my perception about gay relationships, how I can handle things when I’m in a relationship, how I handle a gay relationship, how I should act, talk or what so ever, how I accept other people’s justice about me or my partner. There is nothing wrong in love, whether you are in a romeo and juliet relationship, romeo and romeo, or juliet and juliet. People around shall and will accept you and the relationship you have. That is equality.

This documentary, love story rather, touched my life and to those other who watched the youtube video and this documentary film already, be ready because it will touch your life too.

Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom, I salute you both! :)

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Minsan kailangan mong magbingi-bingihan para di ka na masaktan.

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Parang gusto kong pumunta. Sana magkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob. Joke, sana may free time ako or free ako niyan. Ugh Meetups. Ingat sa mga bloggers na pupunta at kasali sa race. :*

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I just can’t move on to the story of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom.

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I need to do some fieldworks and homeworks. That is why I planned to go home after my physical therapy a while ago. Ugh.

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Guys, pahingi naman po ng kaunting pagmamahal sa pamamagitan ng pag-click sa link at pag-like ng larawan.

Pa-reblog na rin po kung ayos lang. Marami pong salamat. 


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